Top 10 Reasons – Why You Should Consider Automating Your Software Estimation Process


Software Estimation is an indispensable subject for the software development process. Every company needs it. Not everyone understands it and it can be a very time consuming process.

To help with software estimation, an automated tool is a great tool to quickly build a clear estimate with greater clarity and analysis.

Here is a list of reasons as to why automation in the software estimation is no longer a comfort but a necessity.

1. Poorly done estimation has negative ramifications both from the financial and brand perspectives. There have been numerous project failures with tremendous cost implications. To some extent, uncertainty and risk associated with software estimation process can be resolved with automation.

2. Organizations in the past have been using highly technical algorithmic models but industry research shows, little success rate of software project. Major reasons of these failures have been attributed to poorly done software estimation. Our take away: We need to shed our redundant software estimation model and adopt a smarter and quicker approach with better success results.

3. At the macro level, the software development industry is marked with the greatest degree of competition. If you seek to survive, you must have a streamlined estimation process for your software projects that is robust enough to eliminate complexity in the estimation task. A robust and simple procedure would enable you to present your proposal with self explained justification of your estimate numbers. It would enable you to carry estimation in a smarter and quicker way as compared to your competitors. An automated estimation procedure enables you to create differentiation at the beginning of the software bidding stage.

4. When you bid for a project, the client usually expects a quick number for estimates. Quoting a ballpark figure is usually not justifiable. An automated tool enabled you to lend credibility to your estimates. You gain greater confidence and the numbers would be accurate –which would reinforce greater trust in your work/brand as software developer in the long run.

5. Software estimation is a time taking procedure. The client does not pay for the time taken for the software estimation process. For ascertaining accuracy in estimates, you have to carry a detailed estimation, which usually is a long, tedious and complex process. Automating the estimation process guarantees that the team is not spending costly billable time for estimation activity, since automation simplifies and quickens the process manifold.

6. Reliability of estimation is another issue of concern. When manual estimation is done by different estimators, personal bias – either over optimism or under optimism creeps in. Different estimators employ different procedures, consider different variables and employ different level of intelligence. This would mean inconsistency of estimates causing re-estimation and reviews by expert panel –another time taking costly procedure.

7. If you aim for multiple project bidding, automation becomes indispensable. You cannot expect to estimate for multiple projects manually, each requiring review by expert panel. Manual estimation would affect company’s software project bidding capability in the market.

8. Estimates should be granular and detailed in quality. To ensure high quality of the final system, it is essential to capture the smallest implementation details in the estimates. Often developers lack time for detailed granular analysis. Granular estimation covers all aspects of proposed system based on exact requirements analysis –ensures project doesn’t go over budget or get delayed.

9. Quality of the final software also depends on how well all implementation has been done in the final system. A robust documentation with detailed requirements analysis forms the framework for operational efficiency and productivity of the developers working on a project. An automation tool enables creation of not just the scope document for the client but also a robust documentation for the developers. Hence both outward and inward operation efficiency and business steadfastness can be instituted through a software estimation tool.

10. Your effort model forms the fundamental ground to estimate effort for a project. Effort model is created through a productivity matrix and other technical effort analysis methodologies. Every developer does not possess the technical expertise to create an effort model as a reference point to calculate base effort, development effort, testing effort and other effort related to other project activities. Estimation software is based on pre-defined templates for calculating effort, which again is based on industry model and expert analysis. Using an automated tool makes sense to prevent unnecessary delays due to timeline adjustments.

The software industry must embrace a systematic transformation in the way they approach the project bidding process. Today the issue is not just to endorse automation for faster delivery of results, but also to introduce a system overhaul for ensuring better success rates of projects undertaken.

It is high time that we tighten the loose ends and bridge the loopholes for the most critical software project development phase – Estimation. This justifies innovation and adoption of a new technique and model.

Time and again, I have focused on adopting a methodology were Justification forms the Roots of Estimation. This can be brought only if developers reinforce granularity and technical analysis to justify ‘what and why’ of estimates. Project bidding should be more of an informed decision making process for all concerned stakeholders and an enriching experience based on fairness and standardization.

Are you ready to change your estimation technique – embrace an innovation in the field of automation?

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