Software Development Demands Software Estimation as Solid Ground for Software Project Bidding

software biddingWhen you bid for a software project, what comes to your mind first? How do you position yourself as the first choice for your client?

Your proposal acts as the first step to present your bid. How well crafted your proposal appears defines an important role in crafting your message and communicating the same to your client. However, the content and justification offered in your proposal decides your fate on whether you win or lose the project. Here arises the difference and importance of proposal software vs. estimation software.

Proposal management software is aimed to make your selling process more efficient, as it seeks to leverage all selling opportunities through presentation as a medium. The design, look, feel and messages are the communicating elements which get basic focus. The proposal creation process is simplified and made more appealing with sales, marketing, legal and accounting teams leveraging a cloud based software to create a digital document for bidding a software project. Sales strategy is well served through proposal management software as development goals get aligned with sales and marketing goals.

Estimation Software aims to create specific explainable numbers in form of estimates for your real work – Software Development. It enables you to work out the basic justification of what you are charging for and on what grounds during the project bidding process.

Estimation software is inward focused towards software development as proposal software is outward focused (from a sales and marketing perspective).

On the technical front, a developer is more concerned of producing the closest estimates for scope, effort and schedule – as an overrun in any one of these categories would derail the success of a project in the long run. Estimation software serves this purpose.

Does a digital document well aligned to sales and marketing strategy sufficiently address the software development perspective in its true sense?

This is a bigger question to consider from a software development perspective.

As developers, you are more concerned with the technical aspects of the software system that is in question before bidding for a project . Some proposal management software enables to calculate estimates but that is not enough. When you bid and win the project, you have to maintain and abide by the estimate numbers to ensure success of the project. Most software projects fail to estimate close enough to accuracy. The result becomes costly.

As developers, your prime goal is to ensure your software estimation process enables you to do a granular estimation to come up with a justifiable estimate.

You should use an estimation software which allows you to apply ground realities to your estimation process like allowing a version control system, setting a development platform, and a variable base effort as per user roles.

A granular estimation is the biggest strength of estimation software, which is where the proposal software lacks. From a development point of view, estimation software is most useful. From a sales and marketing point of view too, it is these solid meaningful estimates which make your proposal more trusting and justifiable.

Establishing accuracy of estimates and hence greater software project success rates fosters trust and build the brand of your organization.

Can Proposal Software Help To Estimate Quickly?


No it cannot. Proposal software cannot be used to hand off requirements to the developers to begin coding. Time is an important aspect as clients expect quick numbers. Proposal software is not quick enough to produce quick estimates. As a development company you cannot afford to spend hours of billable time to submit estimates to your client. You need a tool which enables you to create quick and reliable estimates with granular technical analysis and at the same time maintain accuracy of those numbers. Estimation software comes handy here.

Quick FPA, developed by Intelekit Corporation, is one such tool which is designed with all such capabilities as I explained above. You can do multiple estimates for multiple clients all at once. You can add as many clients and users as you wish and individually estimate for multiple implementation types. The tool is capable of applying all technical aspects of development for producing the closest and most accurate estimates. The scope document can be distributed across multiple users and directly sent to the client for approval.

Time is the greatest resource which needs to be spend judiciously. Quick FPA is the software tool to use to harness that time and spend it wisely.